Welcome to Face Up Aesthetics and Permanent Cosmetics of Canton, OH. Our center now offers Non-Laser Tattoo Removal with the process known as Tattoo Vanish®.  Over the years there have been other processes of tattoo removal, such as dermabrasion, laser, salabrasion and even surgical excision.  Most are not as successful asTattoo Vanish®.

Tattoo Vanish® is superior in the following ways:

     ▪  Less Expensive

     ▪  50 - 70% less Treatments Needed

     ▪  Less Discomfort

     ▪  Removes ALL colors


Ruth Bailey-Dancy, owner of Face Up Aesthetics and Permanent Cosmetics, looks forward to offering her over 45 years in the beauty industry with those clients seeking only the best and most advanced techniques available in the aesthetic and permanent cosmetic fields.


Ms. Bailey-Dancy is the first Certified Tattoo Vanish® method tattoo removal center in Ohio. Tattoo Vanish® is a NON LASER all natural method of removing tattoos. At All times, procedures are performed using sterile instruments and aseptic techniques, in a comfortable environment.  Call (330)966-1604 for more information about any of our services!



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Tattoo Vanish

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